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Live Pollen Updates

Get live pollen updates for your current location in the UK & Ireland. You will be able to use your phone's GPS location to get pollen forecasts daily. We will send you a push notification in the morning with the pollen forecast for the day. The app provides pollen forecasts for 4 regions in Ireland and 15 regions in the UK. With the help of pollen forecasting expert Professor Paul Dowding - we provide the most advanced pollen forecasting system in the UK & Ireland. Stay one step ahead of your pollen allergy symptoms this year!

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Expert Treatment Plans & Symptom Tracking

With the help of allergy expert, Dr. Paul Carson, Hay Fever Relief provides ongoing and expert treatment plans for your hay fever symptoms. For just €4.99 you can enter your symptoms and get your personalised treatment plan for hay fever. Continue to enter your symptoms and medication daily and your treatment plan will change based on how you progress. You can track your symptoms over the pollen season to see how you progress, helping you live a allergy symptom free summer.

Shop securely direct in App

Use our online store to shop for hay fever products that will help you combat the pollen season. Knowing that most sufferers dislike taking medication, we have a range of non-medical options. Our products help block pollen particles from entering the nose and eyes. We also provide acupressure bands for customers in the UK. These products have all been tested and used by Dr. Paul Carson and are great alternative treatments to helping your hay fever.

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Information Section

Find everything you need to know about hay fever in our information section. We are the number 1 App for information on allergic rhinitis. There are self-help tips and alternative remedies, including hay fever diets. Now you can choose the best solution for your pollen allergy this summer. Explore the information mode to find out much more...

Explore Mode

Explore your hay fever symptoms using our 3D interactive feature. Here you will be able to see how hay fever affects you during the pollen season. Check out the app’s interactive images as they will help you understand why you’re suffering and allow you choose the correct treatments. Taking 30 years of work from Dr. Carson's fibre optic camera to deliver our users with these great insights into the allergic rhinitis condition.

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