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dr. paul carson

Dr. Paul Carson

Dr. Paul Carson is the Co-Founder & Medical Advisor to Hay Fever Relief. Dr. Carson has been involved in allergy treatment for over 30 years. He is a member of the British Society for Allergy & Clinical Immunology and previously the European Academy for Allergy & Clinical Immunology. He has published seven popular self-help books on allergic conditions, the most recent being Hay Fever, how to beat it (Sheldon Press 2013). Dr Carson contributes regularly on allergy conditions in print media, but also on radio and television, where he has also published reports on allergy in medical journals and medical news media. The information in this app is based on Dr. Carson’s 30 + years of dealing with allergic rhinitis patients and what he uses in daily practice.

david carson

David Carson

David is the Co-founder & CEO of Hay Fever Relief. After talking with many friends troubled with hay fever he quickly concluded there was a major lack of insight into the condition and correct treatments. His plan was to create an App that would better inform sufferers on the reasons behind their misery and give them an overall plan for treating their allergic rhinitis. From this Hay Fever Relief was born. He also is an enthusiastic sport fan, especially field hockey in which he excels. David is an international hockey player who has 32 caps for Ireland at senior level. As an international hockey player he recognises the practical importance and usefulness of medical mobile applications in sports, health and fitness.

professor paul dowding

Pr. Paul Dowding

Prof. Paul Dowding is the Pollen Forecasting Advisor to Hay Fever Relief. Prof. Dowding has been involved in pollen forecasting for over 40 years. Paul is a Lecturer in Botany, University of Dublin (Trinity College), 1968-99. Fellow of Trinity College, 1980. Dean of Graduate Studies, University of Dublin, 1982-85. Director of Environmental Sciences Unit, University of Dublin, 1984-89. Senior Lecturer in Botany, 1999-2015. He has worked on forecasts in the past for RTE, TV3 and various other print and media sources.

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