27 Apr 2017

The Lorraine Show ITV

New Hay Fever Relief App features on ITV’s Lorraine Show

The new Hay Fever Relief App was featured on The Lorraine Show on ITV. The app which now provides the most advanced pollen forecasting service was used by Dr. Hilary Jones, showing how the app uses a phones GPS location, to provide pollen forecasts for users in the UK & Ireland.


Since the App has launched just over 2 weeks ago, there has been incredible feedback and great interest in the news. The app recently featured on the Mirror, which has warned of super pollen this year. Hay Fever Relief’s Dr. Carson was on hand to tell the Mirror about the rise in super pollen in big cities such as London, Glasgow and Dublin.

“Hay fever causes months of misery to millions every year; regardless if you live in a city or the countryside. In fact, contrary to belief, city dwellers actually suffer more aggressive forms of hay fever due to high density, high traffic pollution zones with even less airborne pollen and pollen grains leeching with diesel fumes to create ‘super pollen’.”

“2017 is shaping up to have the worst pollen allergy season ever.  A combination of grass and tree pollens inter-reacting with atmospheric pollutants produces a more aggressive ‘super pollen’.  This ‘super-nasty-pollen’ can trigger extreme hay fever with asthma, especially to city dwellers.  Theories include vehicle fumes causing a photochemical smog that blocks pollen grains escaping into the upper atmosphere.  It may even make the pollen ‘stickier’ so that it enters – and stubbornly stays stuck – to vulnerable body organs (eyes, nose, sinuses, lungs).  Pollution level forecasts may be just as important as pollen counts for hay fever sufferers from now on.”

You can check out the full article in the Mirror here: The Mirror – Super Pollen

And you can see the app featured on ITV’s Lorraine Show here – Dr. Hilary Jones – Hay Fever Relief

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