4 May 2017

New Partner – Your.MD

Hay Fever Relief partners with Your.MD

Today the 4th of May, Hay Fever Relief is delighted to announce that it will partner with medical applications company Your.MD.


The Your.MD app uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to direct users to the correct information and treatments for the condition they are suffering from. All the information is personalised according to a unique profile set up on their app. Age, gender, location, even time of year. They all contribute to recommending information that is specific to you and what you need. Anywhere in the world, whatever the time of day, you can get high quality health information delivered to your phone.

This is where Hay Fever Relief comes in. Your.MD will refer it’s users who suffer from hay fever (allergic rhinitis) to the Hay Fever Relief app where we can give a complete and overall treatment plan for their hay fever symptoms. Using Dr. Paul Carson’s 30+ years treating allergy patients.

The Hay Fever Relief App will be located in Your.MD’s OneStop Health™ section via the Your.MD main menu.

“Today marks another big step in the bid to help hay fever sufferer worldwide” says Hay Fever Relief CEO David Carson. “We are now at a stage where we want to grow our user base at a quick rate here in the UK & Ireland. With the help of Your.MD we can achieve this. They have over 1.8 million users on their platform and hay fever is one of the most common conditions identified by Your.MD’s chat bot based on user input”.

“We will begin our partnership with users in the UK & Ireland. Our current target markets. We will then open our service through Your.MD to Australia, New Zealand and then onto mainland Europe and the US”.


To find out more about Your.MD you can visit their site here: Your.MD



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