12 May 2017

Top 10 Tips for helping your man with hay fever

Pollen Season

With predictions that this summer will be one of misery for hay fever sufferers, Dr Paul Carson, allergy expert, has warned the super nasty pollen which is a combination of grass and tree pollens inter-reacting with atmospheric pollutants – and is particularly susceptible to those hay fever sufferers with asthma, especially city dwellers.  Theories include vehicle fumes causing a photochemical smog that blocks pollen grains escaping into the upper atmosphere.  It may even make the pollen ‘stickier’ so that it enters – and stubbornly stays stuck – to vulnerable body organs (eyes, nose, sinuses, lungs).

Big cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Dublin & Belfast are most likely to create this ‘perfect-storm’ of pollen-pollution hay fever. Diesel fumes, the most polluting of all vehicle emissions has left many national governments scrambling to reverse diesel engine car use with scrappage schemes.

Hay fever rhinitis with asthma causes more hospitalisations among children. These children also spend more time in hospital as doctors struggle to control their breathing difficulties.

Top 10 Tips for helping your partner with hay fever

1. Don’t say “it’s only man-flu” – it’s not, its hay fever and it does leave him miserable.

2. Give him a gift pack of tissues, nose balm and a Nasal Medical pollen filter to keep pollen from his nose

3. Buy him dark lens Harry Potter look-alike glasses.  It’ll keep pollen from his eyes and make him look more interesting than usual.

4. Download the Hay Fever Relief app and get the PRO mode – This will allow you to enter his symptoms and get an expert treatment plan while tracking his symptoms

5. Suggest a day at the seaside – on shore breezes blow pollen away.

6. Keep your used tea bags in the fridge.  They’ll sooth his irritable eyes when he comes home from work.

7. Keep the windows closed during peak pollen hours of late morning and late afternoon – no point inviting the enemy in!

8. Even if it’s a balmy night don’t sleep with the bedroom window open.

9. If he’s cigarette fan now’s the time to nag him to give them up (smoking makes hay fever worse).

10. Even though he looks horrible with red eyes, runny and blocked nose give him a kiss – it’ll make him feel loved (even if it doesn’t make his hay fever better).

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