7 Jun 2017

Top 5 tips for festival goers suffering from hay fever


Festival Season is here! Here is our top 5 tips to help you enjoy the music hay fever free!


1. Check the pollen levels before you go. The Hay Fever Relief App provides an updated pollen forecast every day for your location using your phones GPS! Download here: Hay Fever Relief App


2. Remember your medication. Make sure you have a back-up supply if your attending a festival or outdoor event.


3. Reduce the amount of alcohol you drink and don’t smoke! Both these factors lead to you feeling worse then you may already do.


4. Get your friends to pitch your tent for you as pollen spores can be disturbed when setting up.


5. Buy a Nasal Medical Pollen Filter or HayMax Balm to help stop pollen spores going into your nose! You can purchase here: Hay Fever Relief Shop


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